What is a Side Hustle (& How Do I Get One)?

What is a Side Hustle (& How Do I Get One)?

Side Hustle is the latest buzz word in the market for earning income on the side!

On the side of what I hear you say? On the side of your full time job (& by full time I also mean us stay at home mums and dads!)

The whole idea is to bring in some extra income to live the life you want and dream! Perhaps this income will be for those travel plans you’ve been waiting to put into action, to pay off your mortgage a little quicker, buy a new car, pay for school fees – basically anything you dream about that you would like to become reality!!

So how do you get one?

It all comes down to having an idea and running with it! Your side hustle could be anything, Freelance writing for something you’re interested in, blogging, selling your art & crafts, writing a book… basically anything!! Perhaps you have an idea for a product or service that’s missing in the market or would be perfect for a particular niche!

If you have an idea, do some research and see whether you could have yourself a side hustle! It will be hard work but most importantly it should be fun!

If you’re looking for some side hustle inspiration have a listen to the podcasts over at www.sidehustleschool.com

If you’re ready to kick of your side hustle but are unsure of the tax implications here in Australia feel free to contact me

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