Oh hi there!

Side Hustle Accounting isn’t a typical accounting firm.

I speak the language of bloggers, freelancers, and side hustlers, and offer taxation accounting services that are specially tailored for what you do.

If you run your own business on top of your day job or make little bits of money online, you probably don’t know exactly what you’re meant to include when you do your taxes.

You probably lie awake at night thinking: Where do I start? Where should I have started? Do I have to declare this income? Do my invoices look right? How do I keep proper records?

You’ve probably had ‘set up bookkeeping system’ on your to-do list for months.

You probably have a purse stuffed full of receipts for things you might be able to claim, even though you’re not sure how to claim them.

You know you need to get it sorted out. But if you walked into a typical accounting firm and asked them to advise you about your ‘side hustle’ income, you’d most likely be met with a blank stare—you know, like the vaguely supportive face your parents make when you try to explain what you’re doing on Instagram.

I understand your world. And I can get you set up and keep you on track as your business grows—with low stress, no judgement, and lots of support.

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